I wanted to give you all an update about the 4th of July Fireworks, this website, and the progress for the 2012 fireworks.

First of all, this website -

During the month of June on up to the 4th of July there were thousands of hits to this website.  This means people were searching online for "Elgin Fireworks".

This is exciting because it shows there is a demand and PEOPLE WANT THE FIREWORKS BACK!

Community Meetings

We have had several community meetings with  people who wanted to just give input and ideas to people who are ready and willing to help make sure this happens.  Regardless of everyone's commitment  or involvement level, it is all welcomed.

The Jaycees wants this event to be for the community, by the community. It won't happen without community involvement. With that said, there have been a lot of great ideas brought forth about the festival and ways we can make this a self sustainable event.


Due to schedule conflicts, we have not met with the city of Elgin recently but plan to soon. The Mayor and City wants this to happen, we just need to solidify everyone's involvement cross our t's and dot the i's.


We need your help. Our Sponsor page will be up soon for donations and sponsorships. If you won't be able to donate, then you could possibly lend your time to help at the event, or at the town hall, or getting sponsors, or just spreading the word.

YOU are part of this community. Let's do this together.



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