Response to Hoffman Estates and Elgin Fireworks Colaboration

TheĀ  Daily Herald, last week, released an article where the Mayor of Hoffman Estates announced a potential partnership with Elgin and their Fireworks Festival. This was a great surprise to many people since everyone has known the Elgin Jaycees have been working on bringing back fireworks for the citizens of Elgin.

I have had a lot of people contact me about this article. Some were outraged and some were excited. There was no shortage of emotions. There have been businesses asking how they can sponsor the Jaycee event too.

The reason why I am writing this article is to keep everyone up to date in respect to the Jaycees and the Fireworks.

Today, the Jaycees met with the City of Elgin. It was a great meeting and we have set up a couple more meetings.

The thing is, nothing is set in stone. The article was a little premature, in my opinion, and it has not been voted on by the Elgin City Council.

The main thing the Jaycees wants to do is have fireworks for Elgin Residents. An event where the City partners with another city to have fireworks, does accomplish that goal even if it is not physically in Elgin.

I will let you know more, once we have our next meeting.

Thank you for your support,

Michael Copeland
66th President of the Elgin Jaycees


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