Elgin Fireworks 2011 – Status


Our plan is to have a festival after the 4th of July parade. We will end the day with a night time fireworks display.

We want this to be BY the community, FOR the community. So we need your help.

We will have a meeting on 7/9/2011 12 noon at In The Neighborhood Deli 185 N. Edison to discuss the next steps moving forward. You are invited!

Please put a comment below and/or come to the meeting. This effort will take the community and the local businesses.

The City of Elgin canceled the fireworks a few years ago due to budget cuts.

There are no fireworks for 2011 in Elgin.


The Elgin Jaycees are working to bring them back but we need community support.

- Michael S. Copeland
Community Development VP
Elgin Jaycees

5 Responses to “Elgin Fireworks 2011 – Status”

  1. Melissa Sutthiwan-Linse says:

    Hi Michael,
    I love that you and the Jaycees are working to bring back fireworks to our community.

    The Sleepy Hollow service club does something similar for their community. They raise money for the event by charging a per car entry fee. (Just a suggestion).

    I am not able to attend your next meeting, but I will be following your communications to see how I can best assist with this effort!!

    Happy 4th!!

    • Elgin Jaycees says:

      Thank you Melissa.

      We will be having a town hall meeting for the entire community, possibly in August. Updates will be posted, for sure!

  2. Ann says:

    I can’t believe the city shut down the fireworks. The elgin jaycees are a godsend! Please keep me updated. I want to do whatever I can to help you guys bring the fireworks back.

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  3. When I used to be a kid and adolescent I remember meeting with my loved ones each Independence Day and having a awesome time. Thanks to the excellent posting, best wishes

  4. Rosa says:

    We need Fireworks!!!!!We need @ celebrate!!!!

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