NO Fireworks in Elgin, but

It's true, the City of Elgin decided to give money and in-kind services to Hoffman Estates to have a joint firework show at the Sears Center.

Which means, if you want a fireworks show, you are going to have to leave our town and head next door to Hoffman Estates' Sears Center.

Originally, when the City decided to partner with Hoffman, Elgin Councilperson Moeller stated she wants the Jaycees to be involved in Elgin's side of planning the event. Unfortunately, there was no real planning done from Elgin.

4th Fest in Hoffman Estates

click here Fireworks at 9:30pm

Hoffman Estates had already, mostly, planned the event. All Elgin really did was to get some acts for the small stage and asked if any local businesses establishments wanted a booth. There was no real planning.

Based on this Poll, more than 55% of the respondents said they want the Jaycees to have a fireworks festival IN ELGIN.

Here is a question that came up from someone in the community. Would you donate to have the Fireworks in Elgin by a one time "tax" on your water/city services bill?  This brings us to a new poll:

If you do want to check out the fireworks in Hoffman Estates, here is the link:



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