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NO Fireworks in Elgin, but

It's true, the City of Elgin decided to give money and in-kind services to Hoffman Estates to have a joint firework show at the Sears Center. Which means, if you want a fireworks show, you are going to have to leave our town and head next door to Hoffman Estates' Sears Center. Originally, when the City decided to partner with Hoffman, Elgin Councilperson Moeller stated she wants the Jaycees to be involved... read more

Fireworks for Elgin Poll

There has been a lot of media coverage, recently, talking about Elgin and the Regional Fireworks thing at the Sears Center in Hoffman Estates. The paper says people are excited about it. Let's see what the Citizens of Elgin are REALLY excited about.  Here's a Poll: Take Our Poll I have no doubt that it will be a good time. The lineup they have for the bands is pretty good. The argument that so many... read more

Elgin Fireworks 2012

On March 21, 2012  the Committee of the Whole, voted that the City of Elgin will provide $15,000 to enhance the fireworks display at the joint Independence Day celebration at the Sears Center. Councilman Prigge wanted to ensure there will be an "Elgin feel" with the fireworks. Elgin has been known to insist in 10 - 16 inch shells in the fireworks displays. Elgin used to pay $30,000 just for fireworks. The... read more

The evolution of the Fireworks Festival

During 2011 the Jaycees met with the City of Elgin a few times. In our last meeting we discovered the Mayor, David Kaptain, has been thinking of having an ethnic festival. We were excited to hear this because the Elgin Jaycees originally created Ethnic Fest and we've been talking about how great it would be to bring it back. So we thought, why not combine the two! Elgin is a melting pot of ethnicities and... read more